Murata Eyecare

The client wanted a unique brand identity that would stand apart from the competition. Our job was to build an effective cohesive brand that conveyed a message of premium eye care and high quality eyewear.

Logo Development

Black and white logos are the epitome of “less is more”. With thoughtful simplicity, we created a logo and brand identity that is not only unique, but unlike their competition. Because the client wanted to reach as large of an audience as possible, we used simple lines and shapes to create two pairs of glasses, flipped them opposite of each other, and used a font that conveyed luxury. The result, a logo simple enough to be understood at a moment’s glance, that is relatable, accessible and ridiculously versatile.

Murata Eyecare Branding Project New Logo
Promotional Items

Promotional Products

Designed to increase brand awareness, the promo items we designed all have one thing in common, they serve a purpose. Whether that purpose is inspirational or simply functional, promotional products are an incredibly powerful marketing tool since they allow a brand to connect with people by engaging their senses. 

Website Design

With the completion of their new identity, the foundation was laid for a high-end web presence. But the most important part of this journey, was to ensure the pages we built solved real everyday problems for those landing on the website (through a Google, Bing, or Yahoo search). To do this went through a problem solving process: first, find out the problems people have, then design a web solution that not only offered a great experience on any every device imaginable, but also solved real problems with information rich pages. Pages that help to instill a sense of trust.

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Search Engine Optimization


Using SEO to improve rankings in search results for multiple different short and long-tailed key terms to gain new patients is extremely important for an optometrist. In fact, most people who start their search are usually looking for an answer to an issue, like dry eyes. In other words: by offering useful information that helps individuals find answers to their eye problems, as well as offering new eyewear or contact lens solutions, while also positioning Murata Eyecare Optometry as an expert in their field, we have helped this optometric business capture their prospects’ attention!