Invision Optometry

This client came to us when it was time for them to rebrand their business. Our job was to help them set a look, a tone, and a feel, that was meaningful, impactful, and sustainable. So, we began our journey by identifying challenges in their industry, one of which was connecting to people emotionally.

Logo Development

Invision Optometry is considered to be one of the most innovative practices in the country. It is also one of the largest, single location optometric practices in San Diego, California. Using a client supplied logo, our job was improve the layout, bring it to life, and ensure it was designed to engage across all mediums. The result, a logo that is relatable, accessible and versatile.

Invision Optometry Logo Redesign

Logo Before & After

Logo Before Rework Invision Optometry Logo Redesign

To put things into perspective, the logos above represent the transformation we went through to update this logo’s relevancy. As you can see, the logo was not only flat, but very hard to understand. In fact, because the color did not do its job on a psychological level and there was no focal point to keep the eyes focused, looking at it was not easy.

Web Design

User Friendly

Believe it or not, a website’s qualities have an affect on a patients’ willingness to call you, so it’s crucial that your web design is user-friendly and appealing. Just like the waiting room gives a first impression of your physical location, a website gives a first impression to patients who are searching for you online. For this reason, we redesigned the website from scratch with a focus on the customer journey.

Improving Organic SEO

Using SEO to improve rankings in search results for multiple different short and long-tailed key terms to gain new patients is extremely important for an optometrist. With relevant and quality content, organic SEO generates more clicks. As users read useful content that solves their problems or answers their questions, it builds greater trust among them.

Organic SEO
unpaid, algorithm-driven results


For a business that when searched, could not be found online when we first met them, our on page SEO, off page, and technical SEO tactics and strategic ongoing content creation has helped Invision Optometry jump to the first page of Google as well as many other search engines. In other words: by offering useful information that helps individuals find answers to their eye problems, as well as offering new eyewear or contact lens solutions, while also positioning Invision Optometry as an expert and trusted source, we have helped this optometric business capture their prospects’ attention!

Website Before & After

Invision Optometry Website Before Redesign Website After Redesign Invision Optometry San Diego