Personal Branding Website Design

Impact Leadership

Founded by Dr. Mick Kling, Impact Leadership provides business consulting, speaking services and workshops for the eye care community. Because building a personal brand takes a lot of work, he turned to us to build a new website. As a result, we had the ability to bring his ideas to life, while offering an easy but intuitive experience.

Personal Branding Website

This new website is not only modern and cool, it's also informative. From showing off Mick Kling's personality to highlighting his skills, visitors know exactly what he is committed to: financial freedom. The homepage, shown below, sets a lighthearted yet passionate tone for his readers. The website offers tons of valuable financial advice for optometry practice business owners. And, the yellow call to action, "Learn How," helps first-time visitors know exactly how to get started on a path to financial freedom.

Personal Branding Website Impact Leadership