Chateau La Jolla Retirement Community

Chateau La Jolla needed a new identity and integrated brand. We were given the opportunity to create everything from scratch. The challenge was to create a unique way to represent this affordable retirement community on the coast of La Jolla California.

Logo Development

The name of the business references a place to live, a retreat if you will. In a more general sense, the term "Chateau" speaks to a retreat on the coast. This led us to develop a logo that integrated both community and coastal into the mark. We ultimately arrived at a logo that encapsulated the feeling of being inside of a coastal community by placing the name within the logo. We also developed a tagline that conveyed a message of aging gracefully, along the coastline, "A Vibrant Coastal Living Community" and added, redefine aging, after all, that is the essence of today's retiree!

Chateau La Jolla Branding Project New Logo
Marketing Collateral

Square Tri-Fold Brochure With Inserts

Having already re-designed the company’s website and brand, marketing pieces like this square trifold brochure completed an already cohesive brand identity.

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On-Going Advertising + Marketing

Boomers are more than a generation or a demographic; they’re individuals, with their own desires and dreams. To win them, we need to understand them — get in their heads, walk in their shoes. Through strategic marketing that aims to shatter stereotypes about aging, we are helping this community engage new audiences, build brand awareness, close sales and change the perception about what it is like to live in a retirement community.

San Diego Jewish Journal Ad for Chateau La Jolla Retirement Community
Search Engine Optimization


For a community that when searched, could not be found online when we first met them, our on page SEO, off page, and technical SEO tactics and strategic ongoing content creation has catapulted this retirement community to the first page of Google as well as many other search engines. In other words: by offering good useful, information that helps prospects as they research their options while also positioning Chateau La Jolla as an expert, we have helped this community capture their prospects’ attention!

Website Design

With the completion of Chateau La Jolla's new identity, the foundation was laid for a high-end web presence. Using a layered look, we focused on conveying the message of aging gracefully by employing a fun energetic feel to our design while keeping the user experience at the forefront of the entire project. We also optimized every page (SEO) resulting in first page placement on Google, as well as other search engines for many key terms both short and long-tailed.

Chateau La Jolla Branding Project Responsive Website Design
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